Financial Planning is for Everyone

Published by Beth Schanou

Everyone can benefit from some form of financial planning. Not all plans look the same because we are individuals and have unique needs, but the need for some amount of planning is present for every age group and financial status. Often this can be difficult to embrace because in order to plan effectively, there is a need to open up and share personal information including finances and goals. This isn’t always easy.

Financial planning books can serve as a self-help resource for those looking to strengthen their financial outlook. Books are a great tool. However, they cannot replace the value received through a personalized plan developed with professionals.

High net worth financial planning is especially complex and deserves individualized, professional attention. Solutions can be offered to address many needs ranging from tax-efficient wealth transfer, issues relating to business monetization, charitable giving options and others. Personalized planning can provide a second opinion and offer new ideas not previously considered.

For assistance in creating your personalized plan, contact your Advisor or a member of the Wealth Enhancement Group.

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