Meet Aris​

Aris Pantelas is the Manager of Client Relations at Aptus Wealth Planning®️. He is passionate about helping others and believes that all should have the opportunity to pursue simpler, more productive lives.

After beginning his career with the banking industry, Aris led his family’s multigenerational business for the next six years, prior to joining Aptus Wealth Planning®️. Inheriting an entrepreneurial mindset, Aris has taken his creative and professional pursuits very seriously and is self-taught in a wide range of computing skills from basic coding to advanced content creation software. He is also an avid studio musician and has a performance resume that mirrors his professional dedication. Aris graduated from Allegheny College with a major in Economics and Managerial Economics and a Communications Minor.

Aris is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident. He enjoys reading, hiking, working on carpentry projects, and the performance arts. He is an active member of the local music community and is a regular charitable performer most notably for the Bradley Center and Band Together Pgh, a non-profit that amplifies the musical voices of children on the autistic spectrum. Aris is also a member of the Pittsburgh Greek Orthodox Church and is a strong believer in community service and social outreach.



Favorite Food:


If I could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

Ray Charles

Hidden talent:

Professional Studio Guitarist

Favorite book:

The Hobbit

Favorite movie or TV show:

A Bronx Tale/The Crown

What Motivates Aris:

Being of extraordinary help/guidance to those I interact with both personally and professionally; adding value to other’s lives